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I hope you enjoy my art!
Thank You!


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Do I Know You? (Contest)
An old woman stood browsing produce. Other shoppers paid little attention to her until a teenage girl with short, bright blue hair and odd, flamboyant clothing approached her. A delinquent, they probably though.
“There you are. Come on, we need to get moving,” said the blue-haired girl.
“Hello. Do I know you?” asked the old woman. This got the girl several dirty looks.
“Yes, I’m your granddaughter, Pixie.”
“Oh, that’s right,” said the woman. “Do you know where I am? Or what my name is?”
“Your name is Maggie, we’re grocery shopping.”
A few dirty looks began turning sympathetic as Pixie took her grandmother by the hand and lead her further into the store. They barely made it to the dairy section when Maggie said “Hello there. Have we met?”
Pixie nodded. “I’m your granddaughter.” She put a gallon of milk in the cart.
“Ah, that’s right. Nice to meet you.
:iconicklevoldiepoo:IckleVoldiePoo 20 18
It's all in your blood.
Everything you do in life won't mean a drop, not compared to the meat-slop flowing through you.
Your blood is your life, your blood defines you. Without it you are nothing, and with it?
You're heritage.
You're composition.
You're parts glued into a whole?
Is that it?
Is that all there is?
Your actions won't matter, not when someone can just define you by principle only made visible because a couple people made your blood in the first place.
Is that it?
Hold the stars in your hands.
Kiss the moon good night and sew together galaxies with gossamer dreams, it won't matter.
You'll be: man. Woman. Gay. Straight. Black. White. Rich. Poor. Human. Monster. Cultured. Savaged. Any of a thousand thousand adjectives and nouns that describe you in the most meager way possible, and you'll be held to judgement for every bloody one of them.
Is that it?
'cause if it is, that's bullshit.
If it is, then the venom in my veins, the poisonous bile that makes my blood black as tar, mi
:iconsolrael:Solrael 2 0
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by feimo

Hi Overall the piece is wonderful!! I just have a bit of nit-picky advice about the horse, (totaly up to you if you use it or not) the ...




Journal Entry: Sun Jul 25, 2010, 1:22 PM
Recently I've been checking out groups in my spare time. I joined several and found that they really inspire me to do some fan art and even work on my own art. Unfortuneately I don't have very much time for either, but I've been jotting down ideas for pictures and will get back to them!
On my way through group pages, I noticed a group to increase your pageviews. I thought I'd try it out, not that I am desperate for page views, but I would like to promote Mystic Friends a bit more, since I'm putting some more effort into drawing it at the moment.

If you want to join it yourselves here it is:…

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Haha, suddenly fav's! :XD:

How are things going with you? =)
Dune-Epsilon Featured By Owner May 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Very busy!  And you?
IckleVoldiePoo Featured By Owner May 13, 2014
A bit busy, but nothing too terrible, and things have calmed down for a bit for the nest few weeks. By the end of the month I'll have my bachelor's degree and in June I start a job at Yellowstone, so those are both exciting. Have you been up to anything fun in between your busy schedule? =)
Dune-Epsilon Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
busy as normal... Not up to much just trail riding when I get a chance!

congrats on your degree and Job!! :)
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Mother of favorites!

Thanks! :tighthug:

Hope you're having a good day :)
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